Managed UK ServiceDesk

We provide a managed UK-based servicedesk to deal with all of your IT queries and monitoring.

Our team are made up of professional and friendly techies. Whether it is a minor query on how to update your Outlook signature, advice on which device to purchase, or assistance on running scripts from an SQL database, they are there to help.

We are a London based team and understand that the client comes first. We take a client first approach, where attention to detail is key.

Perhaps you already have an internal IT manager? We work with organisations that already have an on premise IT team.

What are the benefits of having an MSP alongside your internal team?

  • Escalation, your team can liaise with our team to
  • Holiday sickness cover.
  • Additional solution ideas.
  • Access to reduced pricing for software licensing.
  • Access to more enhanced monitoring tools that can be out of reach for smaller teams.

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