Microsoft BitLocker

BitLocker is the disk encryption included with Windows 10 / 11 Business and Pro editions. This locks the hard drive so it can only be unlocked by using the TPM 2.0 module, a password (Windows 10 only), or via the recovery key.

An unencrypted disk can be connected to another PC via a cheap adapter.  This can provide full unrestricted access to the contents of the hard drive; documents, photos, emails and passwords.  There is no password required in this scenario and therefore zero security.

BitLocker resolves this by scrambling the data on the drive which can only be unlocked via one of the above methods.  Where possible we enable 256bit security rather than the default 128bit, providing the extra level of protection and often meeting compliance requirements.

Devices running Home editions of Windows can be upgraded to Pro, Business or Enterprise.

Windows 11 has a requirement that all devices have TPM 2.0 installed, so a BitLocker password cannot be used.  This does mean older devices that have no TPM or TPM 1.2 will not be compatible.

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