Structured Cabling

Structured cabling is required in most commercial spaces, homes (for smart AV solutions, WiFi systems, retail spaces and more).

Having the right cabling solution in place will provide more stability and performance to your environment.

Our engineers can install the following structured cabling:

  • RJ45 (CAT7, CAT6, CAT5e), all terminated and presented as required, usually on labelled wall ports back to patch panels.
  • Fibre Link, linking buildings / floors or fibre to the desk.

Aside to this we can also provide Fluke Testing on the structured cabling and provide a fully detailed report.  This tests the integrity and speed of the cables installed and can avoid future network faults.  For example, the network cable may appear to work on the face of it but could have a fault which would stop Power over Ethernet (PoE) from functioning.  A Fluke test can highlight this issue and potentially where the issue lays within the cable itself.  This provides

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